Wood Types

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Rustic Cherry

-same properties as regular Cherry except that all sound knots and gum pockets are used.
-colour ranges from white (sapwood)to pink and brown
-accepts stain evenly

Select Western Birch

-Fine grained with medium texture
-colour ranges fromwhite to tawney -medium hardness
-accepts stain well but will show a play of different tones in certain light

Verticle grain Fir

-fine grained with medium texture
-milled and selected to achive 10-12 growth rings per inch minimum
-colour ranges from pink-brown to brown
-ages to a rich colour rapidly in natural light soft to medium in hardness
-accepts stain evenly

White Oak

-medium to coarse grained
-colour ranges from green brown to brown
-similar in grain patterns to Red Oak
-very hard
-accepts stain evenly

Wormey Maple

-fine in texture
-colour ranges from a silver/white to black around the small holes created by insects
-medium in hardness
-accepts stain evenly