Wood Types

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1/4 sawn White Oak

-coarse grained
-cut to display flakes or 'rays' to give it old world character
-colour ranges from tan to green white
-very durable and hard
-accepts stain in such a way as to bring out the woods character

African Mahogany

-open and fine grained
-colour ranges from light pink to red-brown
-ages to much richer, darker tones
-considered medium in hardness
-accepts stain evenly


-medium to coarse in texture
-prominent grain shows small cathedral patterns
-colour ranges from yellow/white to brown
-medium to hard
-stains evenly
-can substitute oak

Black Walnut

-fine and straight grained
-colour ranges from dark brown with a purple hue to white (sapwood)
-medium in hardness
-accepts stain evenly

Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)

-open grained
-reddish brown with streaks of black and brown
-extremely hard
-accepts stain well