Important notes about our products

Wood is a natural product and will expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity. This may warp, twist or crack our and any other solid wood products. It is especially important with unfinished orders that your packages are opened immediately and a proper finish be applied. As well, all packages of finished product should be opened and inspected upon arrival. Our products must be installed in a climate-controlled environment. Do not install in new constructions until humidity and temperatures are controlled.

Limited Warranty

Style-line Mfg. Will replace any products found to be defective due to poor workmanship.

All defective product must be returned in the same state as sold.    
Style-line assumes no responsibility for value added to our products.

Style-Line will only warrantee door designs that fit into the following parameters;

· No panels must exceed 23 5/8 inches in width of grain.
· No panels must exceed 43 1/4 inches in length of grain.
· No frames must exceed 3 inches in width.


Acceptable tolerances:

· Outside dimensions to be  (+ or –)  1/32 inch.
· Warping corner to corner  - maximum 1/16 inch.
· Bowing of stile or rail – maximum 1/16 inch.
· Mitered joint movement maximum .020 inch.
· Stile or rail movement maximum .020 inch.
· Solid panel movement in width of grain (+ or – ) 3/8 inch.

Style – Line will not warrantee under any conditions:

· Any solid wood product without a frame that exceeds 6 inches in width of grain
· Any solid mitered product ( frame to frame without panel ).
· Any product that has not been installed in a humidity controlled climate.
· Any product that has not been properly finished on all 6 sides.